During my trajectory I have identified two major opportunities to contribute:

Global: Support the transition towards a more sustainable financial system. 

Australia: Connecting finance, impact and sustainability.

Thought leadership

How might we better use capital as way to a faster transition towards a more sustainable financial system?

We provide content and resources to investors and decision makers on examples and leading initiatives, on how to apply financial principles around sustainable finance, blended finance, social finance, climate finance, green finance and development finance.

Knowledge Platform

How might we better contribute to a more resilient, connected and sustainable Australia?

We provide visibility and bring opportunities closer to business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors who want to transition into the impact space and dive deeper into social impact and impact investing in Australia.


Supported the formation of the Regional Advisory Board in Central America

Supported entrepreneurs as a mentor across sectors

social impact hub logo

Supported a social enterprise as a mentor on the RISE program

Supported the creation of a case study for impact investing class